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Charlie Stockwell

One could say Charlie was born with a wooden spoon in his mouth!

He spent many a school holiday either labouring for his neighbours' on building sites or large Sussex country gardens, or working at the family hardwood storage and kilning business in Buckinghamshire.


He graduated From Bangor University in 1986 with a Wood Science degree and took up the position of Graduate trainee for Meyer International, working, at first, in Softwood Purchasing at Villiers House, The Strand, then softwood sales at MLM Barking.

He rapidly moved from telesales to 'rep'ing', covering most of Essex, Herts, Bucks and Berkshire including London- north of the River Thames !

After a very sucessful few years on the road, focusing on all softwood and sheet material sales, his skills were transfered into the office, for product management and marketing.

In 1997 he left Meyer's to take over the running of the family business.

G C Stockwell (Hardwoods) Ltd dates back to when Charlie's grandfather started the business in 1935. Through the glory days of the 50's, 60's, 70's and the start of the 80's it was a major player in supplying the UK furniture industry with mainly imported Beech. With the gradual demise of furniture manufacturing, Charlie's father, Brian, diversified the business on the back of its site and investment in kilns, into Hardwood storage, kilning and distribution. On Charlie's arrival, a small Joinery softwood operation was added ! However, despite a few reasonable years, future prospects in contract kilning, in particular, were not looking healthy.

In early 2001, Charlie and Alex, his sister and Financial Director, decided that Stockwell's Ltd, as it was now known, should release its assets and close the Stokenchurch yard and kiln operation while the family were still in control of it's destiny.

It was about this time Rupert Green of DN Green & Co (Timber) Ltd , who knew Charlie through the trade social network, was considering a move to Canada ! In September 20001, Charlie set up SFP, on his own, to buy the 'good will' element of D N Green' from Rupert. The resulting corporate venture is now what you have before you !

Charlie's pastimes were once nothing but rugby, rugby followed by playing more rugby. Alas, now in his 40's, the body has refused him and he moved into golf; no small amount down to his wife, Karen, who carries a single figure handicap ! He still takes an active interest in the "Antlers" (Teddington RFC) though the boots have firmly been placed in the bin. He stills stays fit with regular visits to the gym and other activities are skiing, cooking, walking the dog and running around for his step daughter, Ruby.

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Charlie Stockwell


Charlie Stockwell